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Phonics and Spelling

Daily Phonics Activities


For each of the videos activities you will need a pen or pencil and paper -have a go at writing the words as you hear them and follow any other instructions.

Can you think of any other words that are not on the video ? 

make a list of the sounds each day and then ask a family member to quiz you each day - see if you remember them.


Each day you could do one or two of these : 

  • Make up some sentences with the words 
  • Teach a family member how to read the words 
  • Do a word hunt by looking through books and magazines and websites for your sound, see how many you can find.


This week we will be going over letter formation  

Please make sure you write each letter carefully and think about how the letter needs to be written correctly. 

Friday 5th March

Friday Video

Friday Easier Video

Thursday 4th March 

Thursday Video

Thursday Easier Video

Wednesday 3rd March 

Lesson 28 - Review oy boy ir bird aw claw

wed. less Challenging Lesson 27 - er

Tuesday 2nd March 

Lesson 27 - Review word endings le bubble se cheese ve give

Lesson 26 - air fair

Less challenging video

Monday 1st March 

Lesson 26 - Review ai/ay a a-e

Monday 1st March (Easier alternative)