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School Improvement Plan - Key Priorities

Queenswell Federation Covid Catch Up Premium Feb2021


  1. To continue to raise standards in writing at KS1 to 75% Expected + and increase on 10% Greater Depth.
  2. To continue to raise standards in writing in the Early Years Foundation Stage to 75%. 
  3. To raise standards in reading across the school in line with/ exceeding the expected level and improve application with phonics in reading and writing.
  4. To continue to improve attendance and punctuality – attendance target at least 96%.

Leadership and Management

     1. To continue to manage the budget to ensure all children receive the best possible education and experience at school

     2. To implement and embed the new curriculum across the school

3.To create and drive Resilience and Forest Schools across the school to support the schools ethos and wellbeing of the whole community. ( see separate action plans)

     4. To further develop partnerships with other schools, including Queenswell Juniors, to support leadership and management in raising standards in  teaching and learning, particularly in reading



Teaching & Learning (Ofsted Actions – May 2017) 

Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that:

  1. Phonics teaching routinely challenges the most able pupils and that they have frequent opportunities to apply their phonics knowledge and skills in reading and writing in lessons.
  2. Adults in the early years make the most of opportunities to promote children’s speaking and listening skills, especially when children are writing.



  1. To create the Forest School areas around the school
  2. To maintain and improve the building eg painting classroom  walls




School promotion and fundraising

  1. To continue fundraising strategy & to promote the School
  2. To support the new Queenswell Community in achieving fundraising targets