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Reading with 2 - 3 Year olds

Dialogic reading is a fun and effective way to help young children learn to read. Talk to your child while reading a book. Ask questions and have a conversation.

Other ideas

  • You could make a photo-book of funny, or memorable, family events and talk about it with your child.
  • Sing songs together that encourage your child to use their imagination. For example, try singing The Wheels on the Bus and ask your child to suggest other things on the bus and describe what sound they make.
  • Read picture books together. Talk about the things they can see and how we use them. For example, ‘A bed is something we sleep in.’
  • Use books to talk about your own experiences, and theirs, giving them time to respond. ‘Oh look, there is a cow. What sound do cows make?’
  • When you’re sharing a book with your child, sit close together or even build a den to sit in.
  • Talk to your child about what has happened so far in the day – for example, ‘We spoke to Grandma on the phone this morning, didn’t we?’ And talk about what is going to happen next – ‘After lunch we’ll do the washing up’.
  • Put on some music and play ‘musical statues’. Dance together then stop the music – see who will be the first person to stand still.