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P.E. and Sport Provision


At Queenswell Infant School, we aim to help children become physically skilful and competent young people.  We teach children how to develop and acquire the physical skills to take part in a range of physical activities.  We promote the value and enjoyment of being physically active and ensure children develop their ability to make informed choices about their involvement in healthy, active lifestyles.  At Queenswell Infant School, we recognise the importance of physical activity and understand children need to develop their physical skills to help them achieve in other areas of the curriculum.


Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage have access to a wide range of activities each day that help promote their physical development.  We understand the need for children at this age to develop their gross and fine motor skills in order to have the confidence and desire to get involved in physical activity.


Every child in Key Stage 1 takes part in at least 2 hours of P.E. each week, covering Gymnastics, Dance and Outdoor Games.  We also offer Yoga to Key Stage 1 which helps children to develop body-awareness and self-discipline, balance and co-ordination.  We have seen an immediate impact on children’s behaviour and listening skills as the techniques learnt in Yoga have transferred to other areas of the school day.

Please see the attached for information of how we spend our Sports Premium Funding.

PE and Sports Provision - please open to see how we spend our Sports Premium

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